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相关教程: 四级考前必背作文
  • 四级考前必背作文10篇 Topic 1


    Should free music downloads be ban? With the development of technology,more and more people are making use of the Internet and they are enjoying downloading all types of materials. Some are specially fond of downloading free music, they argue that fr...

  • 四级考前必背作文10篇 Topic 2

    On TV shows Nowadays TV shows are very popular. TV programs like super girls and dreams in China have attracted thousands of people to participate and many more wait to watch them when they are on show. Why are so many people interested such programs...

  • 四级考前必背作文10篇 Topic 3

    On Students Dealing In Stocks When many people make a fortune in the stock market, a great number of university students follow their steps and get involved in dealing in stocks,too. They deal in stocks in their free time,trying to earn some money an...

  • 四级考前必背作文10篇 Topic 4

    Should English Classes Be Compulsory For Students? Most universities in China have made English a compulsory course which has aroused many complaints among students. Many students wish that English could be removed from the list of compulsory courses...

  • 四级考前必背作文10篇 Topic 5

    Fast Food Fast food has been increasingly popular in our life. For one thing, more fast food resturants both Chinsese and western stytle appear in the street. For another, more customers welcome fast food. Several years ago, only the young went to Mc...

  • 四级考前必背作文10篇 Topic 6

    On Students Quiting School Many college students have quit school in recent years. They do it for different reasons. Some students quit school because of their poor health. A serious diease or a traffic accident may have made it impossible for them t...

  • 四级考前必背作文10篇 Topic 7

    Should Students Follow Fshions? Young university students are sentitive to fashions. Some are keen on following fashions. They use mobile phones of the latest style. They wear stylished clothes. They enjoy popular music. Some people are not happy wit...

  • 四级考前必背作文10篇 Topic 8

    A letter to the university president Dear Mr.president, I'm a sophomore major in law. I'm writing to make suggestions on improving the education equality of our university. First, I think there is still much room for an improvement concerning our cla...

  • 四级考前必背作文10篇 Topic 9

    Grades and Ability Do high grades imply excellent ability? Opinions vary from person to person. Some agree that high grades reflect high intelligence and are thus indicative of ones ability. Students who do well in exams are therefore always favored...

  • 四级考前必背作文10篇 Topic 10

    The chart show that college students have change much in their ways of studying in English and their totally expenses for have also increased greatly. In2000, they borrowed either reference books or tapes ,but in 2008 they can choose their reference...

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